Lifestyle in Rampur

Traditional Lifestyle in RampurEntering the royal gates, slithering into the narrow and ribbon-like roads packed on all sides with numerous shops, town houses, grocery stores and roadside eateries, you can reach the heart of this city to experience the way of life it offers you. A busy town nestled in the foot hills of Himalayas, this city of Uttar Pradesh sparkles out its pomp and glory all throughout day and night. The early morning market streets wake up with the prayers from mosques and few shopkeepers busy picking up their business; hours later they are joined by rejoicing tourists and few walkers; at noon the markets will be crowded with rushing passers-by, few bystanders, and some rickshaws and bikes struggling their way out of it; the city then gradually calms down at dusk.

Most people in this city belong to the working class. They are into local business for generations improving the city’s economic value in the state.

Fitness Centres in Rampur

Lack of physical activity deteriorates the health condition. Exercise is the best medicine one can adopt to maintain a balance between physical, emotional and mental status. People in small town like Rampur are becoming equally conscious about health and fitness as much as in any other big cities. The negligence toward this aspect, considering it as a waste of time and resource has vanished and their thoughts have become more inclined towards the healthy life style. Most of these attitudes are attributable to media and technology. One could see the early morning streets of Rampur with people of all ages walking, jogging and stretching themselves.

List of Fitness centres in Rampur

Fitness point health club
Kotwali, Rampur
Uttar Pradesh -244901

Heman Gym
Sainy Nagar, Rampur
Uttar Pradesh -244901

Beauty Parlours in Rampur

In early days pampering themselves in a salon had been a privilege of the rich but today they are most commonly replaced by the working class of people, both men and women. They are conscious about their own looks in their work and social environment and there arises the need of beauty salons, brand and their products. Big branded salons have made inroads into small towns and villages meanwhile the small mushroom of new salon are growing up everywhere. Salon treatments from haircuts to hair styles, colouring, make ups for occasion and bridal, facials, manicure, pedicure even spas for men and women, have come their way from big metropolitan cities to every corners of the country and this city has a dozen numbers of salons with all enhanced features and treatments available for all ages of people and in all genders.

List of Beauty Parlors in Rampur

Dream girl beauty parlor
CP 101 Old Awas Vikas
Shaukat Ali Road, Old Avas Vikas colony
Rampur, Uttar Pradesh -244901
Phone no.: 09907787708

She Beauty Parlor
Adarsh colony, Civil lines
Rampur, Uttar Pradesh -244901
Phone no.: 098 3737761

Angel beauty parlor and training centre
Near PWD office, Pankaj Sweet House
Diamond Cinemas Road, Rampur HO
Uttar Pradesh -244901

Breeze n waves beauty parlour
44, Guru Franth Shahib Road
Adrash Colony, Civil lines
Rampur, Uttar Pradesh -244901
Phone no.: 09837377612

Kiran Beauty Parlor
Mohalla Takiya, Kemri
Rampur, Uttar Pradesh -244901

New style beauty Parlor
Agaz Market, Nasrulah Kha Market
Kazi Ki Gali, Rampur
Uttar Pradesh -244901

Cool Cut Hair Salon
Near Chou wali street
Rampur HO, Rampur
Uttar Pradesh -244901
(91) 9780829238, 9780153560

Fashion Hair Dresser Salon
Domhala Road, Thana Ganj Rampur
Rampu HO, Rampur
Uttar Pradesh -244901
Phone no.: (91) 9927581429

Manisha Beauty Parlour
Kamri Hafiz Market, Opposite to Government hospital
Thana Road, Rampur HO
Rampur, Uttar Pradesh -244901

Princess Beauty Parlour
Yaar Brother Market
Near Maqbara shehtoot wali Masjid
Guyyan Talab, Rampur HO, Rampur
Uttar Pradesh -244901
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